WELCOME to the last issue of InSight+ for 2019!

Forty-eight issues in and we’ve covered a lot of ground – from adolescent concussion to XDR typhoid. This year we formed partnerships with the Black Dog Institute and the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute to bring you regular content. We are looking forward to new alliances to add to the mix in 2020.

As in 2018, this year we spent a lot of time talking not just about doctors’ health and wellbeing, but also about career paths and training crises. The list of the top 10 articles for 2019 reflects that there remains plenty of interest in those ongoing discussions.

  1. Leanne Rowe: Endemic bullying: narcissistic personality disorder in medicine
  2. Tim Lindsay: Time to end unaccredited registrar positions
  3. Tim Lindsay: Career cliff: an end to the Australian training model?
  4. Philip Aylward: Time to lower LDL cholesterol targets after cardiac events
  5. Jocelyn Lowinger: Understanding and dealing with imposter syndrome
  6. Leanne Rowe: When a doctor says “I am depressed”
  7. Steve Philpot: Importance of shared decision making: a personal experience
  8. Toby Commerford: Anticholinergic burden scales: a great idea in theory
  9. Aniello Iannuzzi: Why GPs don’t visit nursing homes
  10. Tim Lindsay: We must destigmatise leaving medicine

I want to extend my personal thanks to Dr Tim Lindsay who, as you can see from the above list, has managed to strike a chord with our readership time and time again. His willingness to tackle the difficult questions facing early-career doctors has been brave. He has been unflinching, and I’m very grateful to him.

To our regular columnists – Jane McCredie, Dr Aniello Iannuzzi, Dr Will Cairns, the crew at GPs Down Under, Dr Arjun Rajkhowa, Jessica Yang from AMSA, and Dr Toby Commerford and his gorgeous, hand-drawn illustrations – thank you for your enthusiasm and professionalism.

Thanks to my small team of professionals – Nicole MacKee, Dr Zoe Silverstone and Laura Teruel – and Dr Tania Janusic and Dr Selina Lo, who stepped into the breach when called on.

We’re ready for a break, but we already feel excited for 2020 and all that it will bring. Our first issue is out on Monday 13 January. As ever, if you have a moment over summer, feel free to drop me a line at cswannell@mja.com.au and let us know how we’re doing and which topics you’d like to see us focus on. We’re always happy to see constructive feedback.

From all of us here at InSight+, thank you for support, and we wish you a happy, safe summer celebrating whichever festival is your tradition.



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    Thanks for a great year!

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