26 March Research: Traumatic cricket-related fatalities in Australia: a historical review of media reports
Brukner et al; doi: 10.5694/mja17.00908
There appears to have been a substantial decline in the number of cricket-related deaths in recent years … OPEN ACCESS permanently

26 March Podcast with Dr Peter Brukner, sport and exercise physician, former doctor to the Australian cricket team … OPEN ACCESS permanently

20 March Press release: MJA neutral on candidates for RACP elections
Swannell … OPEN ACCESS permanently

19 March Press release: Vale Scientia Professor David Cooper
Swannell … OPEN ACCESS permanently

19 March Podcast with Professor Roger Strasser, CEO and Dean of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine … OPEN ACCESS permanently

19 March Podcast with Associate Professor Ian Scott, Director of Internal Medicine at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane … OPEN ACCESS permanently


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