Issue 1 / 18 January 2016

HAPPY New Year and welcome to the first issue of MJA InSight for 2016!
My name is Cate Swannell and I am the new editor of MJA InSight. I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about our plans for MJA InSight and what they will mean for you, our readers.
At the moment, as you know, MJA InSight is published weekly and contains a mix of news articles, comments from guest columnists and news briefs. Some weeks those news articles are about content that has been published in the MJA and some weeks they are about news from other sources.
For now, that format will remain, although we will be focusing much more on MJA and Australian content as far as the news articles are concerned.
Regular blogger and science writer Jane McCredie is back this year, and so are frequent contributors Dr Sue Ieraci, Dr Evan Ackermann, Dr Tim Lindsay, Dr Ken Harvey, and many others.
You may have heard that MJA InSight will be moving from over to . This is true, and will occur in the next few months.
Neither the content nor the editorial independence of MJA InSight will be compromised or affected by this move. 
Once the migration has occurred, we will then make some format changes to MJA InSight. We will be splitting the news content and the guest columnists into alternate weeks.
Primarily this is designed to allow our journalists and expert commentators more time to provide quality commentary, and give them more time to make considered responses. 
We will also be combining the MJA Alert and MJA InSight email newsletters. If you currently receive both, you will now receive the same content in one email. If you receive one but not the other, you will continue to see the content you want, and perhaps something will catch your eye that tempts you to the other side!
In addition, we will be introducing a single sign-in system. You will be asked to register, for free, once. By registering on the site, you will automatically gain access to, our proprietary online portal that has an array of other content and services, including information about continuing professional development resources. This provides us with data about what content is catching your interest and how we can add value to your MJA InSight experience.
Our aim continues to be to give you the best, most relevant and topical news, opinions and facts that we can. We hope that you will enjoy our offerings and we thank you for your continuing support.
We welcome your feedback on our format, our content and any other features you would like to see as part of your MJA InSight experience.

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