Diabetes consults up 40%
THE number of general practice consultations relating to diabetes has increased by 40% in the past decade, according to the latest Bettering the Evaluation and Care of Health (BEACH) data. The report also showed that the proportion of female GPs increased, but only slightly, from 36% to 38%, while the proportion of GPs with a computer available at their major practice increased from 90% to 98%. The research was reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Pass the salt
PEOPLE with both higher and lower levels of urinary sodium excretion than average have an increased risk of cardiovascular events, according to new research in JAMA. Higher potassium excretion was linked to a lower risk of stroke. The researchers said the association between sodium excretion and cardiovascular events was J-shaped. The research was reported by ABC Science.

Psychotic illness affects health
PEOPLE with psychotic illness often have poor physical health, according to new research from SANE. A survey of 2000 people with psychotic illnesses found two-thirds smoked, compared with one-quarter of the general population. Almost half (45%) were obese, almost double the rate in the general population. The research was reported by 9 News.

Common drugs cause emergencies
MOST emergency hospitalisations for adverse drug reactions in elderly people are associated with commonly used drugs rather than drugs typically considered as high risk, such as opioid analgesics, research in the New England Journal of Medicine shows. In a cohort of people aged over 65 years, warfarin accounted for 33.3% of all emergency hospitalisations for adverse drug events, insulins for 13.9%, oral antiplatelet agents for 13.3% and oral hypoglycaemics for10.7%. The research was reported by the New York Times.

Soup linked to chemical
CANNED soup consumption is linked to increased urinary levels of bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical which is associated with cardiovascular disease and diabetes, according to a research letter in JAMA. Consumption of one serving of canned soup daily over 5 days was associated with a more than 1000% increase in urinary BPA. The research was reported by The West Australian.

Posted 28 November 2011

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